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Sampling Services

ASAP Water Sampling Inc. will ensure your water system provides drinking water that is in compliance with:

  • national water quality standards

  • regulatory reporting requirements

  • the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)

We also afford proper collection and analysis of specimens to meet any of your environmental sampling needs. Our services also include environmental resources where our clients are comfortable and confident that their environmental testing program are performed in a timely manner, meeting the specific requirements of each regulatory agency.

ASAP Water Sampling Inc.performs the proper collection of environmental samples in accordance with accepted industry standards for chemical analyses. Samples will be collected in properly preserved and prepared sample containers, and handled in accordance with the method of analysis. ASAP Water Sampling Inc. will be responsible for implementing a strict Chain of Custody Program documenting the handling and transfer of samples from the sampler to the laboratory. All collected samples will be submitted to state certified laboratories for analysis by approved methods.

Our goal at ASAP Water Sampling Inc. is to provide the most accurate, reliable results and to provide excellent customer service to our clients.

Our services include:

  • Drinking Water Testing

  • Small Water System Monitoring

  • Groundwater Monitoring

  • Aquatic / Marine Sampling

  • Compliance Monitoring

  • Real Estate Transaction Testing

  • VA

  • FHA

  • Conventional

  • Wastewater Treatment Monitoring

  • Storm water Sampling

Laboratory Coordination

ASAP Water Sampling provides completely transparent laboratory coordination with its providers, ensuring that samples will be analyzed to meet the client's specifications. ASAP Water Sampling Inc. oversees adherence to hold times, as well as timely turnaround. Upon completion of the laboratory analysis, ASAP Water Sampling Inc. reviews and validates the data from the laboratory and prepares a "Final Report" for submission to the client or regulatory agency.

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